"Church" is an English translation of the Greek word ekklesia or ecclesia. This word describes a religious congregation with similar beliefs, and assembly of believers.  Jesus' church is simply a fellowship of  people who have faith in Jesus as the Christ, not segregated or designated in a location or by dogmatic rituals and beliefs.

There are no instructions in the New Testament, by Jesus or any others, to establish some sort of religious institution and claim it is "the church."  There are no New Testament rules for an order of worship or for any required rituals, liturgies, or ordained clergy.

Jesus church is spiritual, not physical.  Membership is through your faith in God - your connection to him.  Your connection with God comes from his love for you and not because of some set of ideas or doctrines.  You make your personal connection with God, when you are reborn and experience his presence in your "heart."

All who are spiritually connected with God in this manner, are members of Jesus' church.  Thus, the church is  ekklesia, simply God's community of believers who are connected by the Holy Spirit.   

Our church head is God the Father as revealed by Jesus.  All who are at one with God by the Faith he gives with free grace are in the "Kingdom of God," the ekklesia, for now and all eternity.  Read page 50 of GOD 101.

No man, no rituals, no liturgies, and no system can put you into God's church.  God alone brings you into it as his beloved child (page 2 of GOD 101).


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